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ACLU Comment on Homeland Security Notice on Immigrants’ Social Media Information

Wed, 09/27/2017 - 07:33

Faiz Shakir, American Civil Liberties Union national political director, had the following reaction to the Department of Homeland Security’s notice on immigrants’ social media information:

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As Sen. Sanders, Lt. Gov. Newsom Stress Need for Single Payer Bills, Nurse Union Delegates Re-Affirm Call for Medicare for All, Environmental Justice, Immigration Reform, Union Rights

Tue, 09/26/2017 - 12:32
National Nurses United

In a convention highlighted by Sen. Bernie Sanders and California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom promoting single payer legislation federally and in California, some 500 California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee delegates unanimously reaffirmed their commitment to work to implement an improved and expanded Medicare for all Saturday.

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Trumpcare (Graham-Cassidy) FAIL Response: Even Republicans Knew It Was Too Cruel

Tue, 09/26/2017 - 12:25
Credo Action

CREDO released the statement below in response to reports that Senate Republicans will not hold a vote this week on the Graham-Cassidy Trumpcare bill:

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U.S. PIRG Statement on Resignation of Equifax's C.E.O.

Tue, 09/26/2017 - 12:22

“Big deal? Equifax is just sacrificing its king after retiring a knight and a rook. That doesn't change the optics of its terrible data breach and its slow, inadequate and maddening response to its consumer-victims. This predictable and coldly calculated corporate maneuver may make shareholders happy but it doesn’t mean anything for consumers. Instead, Congress must move quickly to give consumers the right to control access to their credit reports by enacting free credit freeze legislation such as the Freedom from Equifax Exploitation Act, S 1816 (Warren-MA).

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ASBC Statement on Federal Tax Cut Proposals

Tue, 09/26/2017 - 12:14
American Sustainable Business Council

In response to Republican tax proposals expected tomorrow, the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) released the following statement, which may be attributed to Richard Eidlin, Co-founder and Vice President of Policy and Campaigns:

“The United State needs tax reform that will build a more sustainable economy -- but this Republican proposal is not the solution. A smart tax policy will create and maintain quality jobs at home, support small businesses and employees, and promote opportunities for more workers to own a piece of the company they work for.

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Indivisible Statement on Republicans’ Failure to Repeal the Affordable Care Act

Tue, 09/26/2017 - 12:09
Indivisible Guide

Today, Ezra Levin and Leah Greenberg, co-executive directors of the Indivisible Project, issued the following statement on Senate Republicans’ failure to pass the Graham-Cassidy legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act by the September 30th deadline.

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Trumpcare Again Defeated in Senate

Tue, 09/26/2017 - 11:59

Statement by MoveOn Washington Director Ben Wikler:

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State Denies Key Water Quality Permit For Longview Coal Project

Tue, 09/26/2017 - 11:49

The Washington Department of Ecology denied a necessary water quality permit for the proposed Millennium Bulk Terminals coal export facility in Longview today, citing the project’s negative impacts on climate, clean air and water. Absent a successful legal challenge to the decision, the denial renders the project formally dead. 

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New Analysis: Trump's Unpaid-for Tax Cuts May Total $5 Trillion.

Tue, 09/26/2017 - 10:35
Americans for Tax Fairness

As President Trump and Republican leaders in Congress prepare to unveil their tax plan on Wednesday, Sept. 27, Americans for Tax Fairness has prepared an analysis that shows Trump’s tax cuts could total $6.7 to $8.3 trillion, $3 to $5 trillion of which may not be paid for by closing other tax loopholes and/or by limiting tax deductions. The resulting jump in the deficit threatens funding of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public education and other vital services.

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Not Another Golden Parachute! Departing Equifax CEO Could Get Millions as Senate Prepares to Grant Equifax Immunity From Consumer Lawsuits

Tue, 09/26/2017 - 10:28
Public Citizen

Note: In the wake of a cybersecurity breach, Equifax CEO Richard Smith is resigning. Regulatory filings indicate he could receive an $18.4 million retirement benefits package, but a decision about how much he will receive will be deferred until Equifax’s board of directors finishes its review of the breach.

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Net Neutrality Supporters Descend on DC to Meet With Lawmakers, Oppose FCC Plan To Gut Title II

Tue, 09/26/2017 - 10:25
Fight for the Future

More than 60 Internet users traveling from as far away as Alaska, California, Kansas, and Utah are participating in a unique advocacy effort this Wednesday, September 27 descending on the U.S. capitol not for a rally but to meet directly with their Senators and Representatives in support of Title II net neutrality protections.

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New International Open Letter Warns US Lawmakers over Net Neutrality Rollback

Tue, 09/26/2017 - 10:14
Fight for the Future

A growing network of international businesses and organizations are warning the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that a rollback of Title II net neutrality rules could create “significant social and economic harms.” Earlier this year, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced plans to roll back these rules that currently require US Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to treat all Internet traffic equally — even traffic that originates from overseas.

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Trade Rules Should Not Trump Action on Climate Change

Tue, 09/26/2017 - 09:03
Council of Canadians

“NAFTA negotiations are on track to cement a regime that puts the interests of corporations and profit above our shared interest in reducing climate pollution,” says Andrea Harden-Donahue, Energy and Climate Justice Campaigner with the Council of Canadians.

The open statement urges the Canadian government to address the environmental failings of NAFTA including the removal of the Chapter 11 Investor-State Dispute Settlement provisions and the energy chapter.

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Green Party Candidates to Watch in 2017 Local Elections

Tue, 09/26/2017 - 08:52

Local and state Green Parties are running several strong candidates in well-organized campaigns for public office in 2017.

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Rich Man's War; Poor People's Blood

Tue, 09/26/2017 - 08:33
The Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars

Seven members of the grassroots group Upstate Drone Action once again were arrested as they delivered a citizen’s war crime indictment to the chain of command at Hancock Air Force Base.  Upstate Drone Action also placed a huge dollar sign [$] dripping with “blood” in the main entrance way to the base. The six-foot high dollar sign dramatizes what the group believes determines the many overseas wars the Pentagon/CIA engages in: corporate greed.            

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Lawyers’ Committee & Election Protection Hotline To Take LIVE Calls During Natl. Voter Reg Day

Tue, 09/26/2017 - 08:25
Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

Today, Election Protection – the nation’s largest nonpartisan voter protection coalition led by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil RightsUnder Law – will join hundreds of organizations across the country in a national effort to register people to vote for National Voter Registration Day.

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To Preserve the Integrity and Independence of the Judiciary, Constitutional Lawyers, Scholars, and Public Interest Groups Call on Justice Gorsuch Not to Speak at the Trump International Hotel

Tue, 09/26/2017 - 08:23
Free Speech for People

Days before Justice Gorsuch is to deliver a speech at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., a coalition of constitutional lawyers, scholars, and public interest groups re-issued an open letter urging him to cancel his speech due to conflicts of interest with appearing at a hotel owned, through LLCs and a revocable trust, by President Trump. 

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2017 Right Livelihood Awards Honour Inspiring Changemakers and Champions of Justice

Tue, 09/26/2017 - 07:54
Right Livelihood Award Foundation

The Laureates of this year’s Right Livelihood Award, widely known as the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’, have been announced today in Stockholm, Sweden:

This year’s honorary award goes to Robert Bilott (USA) “for exposing a decades-long history of chemical pollution, winning long-sought justice for the victims, and setting a precedent for effective regulation on hazardous substances.”

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ACLU Comment on Trump Administration’s New Travel Ban Restrictions

Mon, 09/25/2017 - 10:47

President Trump issued a third version of his Muslim ban yesterday. Like the previous version, this ban blocks travel to the United States from six predominantly Muslim countries. The newest ban also bars North Koreans and Venezuelan government officials. Unlike the previous versions, this ban is of indefinite duration.

The American Civil Liberties Union and partner organizations are challenging Trump’s current Muslim ban, with Supreme Court arguments slated for October 10. 

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