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G20 Report Highlights Massive Fossil Fuel Giveaways

Mon, 09/19/2016 - 12:14
Friends of the Earth

The U.S. and China released peer-reviewed reports today assessing the scope of fossil fuel subsidies in their respective countries as part of the G20 process to “rationalize and phase out over the medium term inefficient fossil fuel subsidies that encourage wasteful consumption.” The U.S. report mainly highlights tax-based subsidies, but also discusses incentives related to public lands leasing and transportation infrastructure.

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IPS Marks 40th Anniversary of Letelier-Moffitt Assassination

Mon, 09/19/2016 - 12:12
Institute for Policy Studies

On September 21, 1976, agents of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet carried out a brutal car bombing in the heart of the U.S. capital. Killed in the attack were two colleagues at the Institute for Policy Studies: Orlando Letelier, a former Chilean ambassador to the United States who had become one of Pinochet’s most vocal critics, and Ronni Karpen Moffitt, a 25-year-old American who worked at IPS as a development associate. Until 9/11, it was the most heinous act of international terrorism in our nation’s capital.

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Despite Climate Commitment, Bank of America Still Funds Dakota Access Pipeline

Mon, 09/19/2016 - 09:42

As Climate Week kicks off in New York City, and world governments gather at the United Nations in preparation of ratifying the Paris climate agreement, the Bank of America announced its new environmental operations goals will be met by 2020, including its commitment to go carbon neutral and purchase 100 percent renewable electricity. In response to this announcement, Jenny Marienau, U.S.

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Canada Will Lose 23,000 Jobs Under CETA: Study

Mon, 09/19/2016 - 09:32
Council of Canadians

Canada would lose 23,000 jobs between now and 2023 under the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), according to a new study from the Tufts University Global Development and Environment Institute. The Council of Canadians is now questioning why the government continues to push the Harper-era deal. Today, International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland is in Wolfsburg, Germany to promote the deal at the German social democratic convention (SPD) where a divisive vote will determine their position on CETA.

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Theater Artists in Solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives

Mon, 09/19/2016 - 09:03
Jewish Voice for Peace

Dozens of theater artists have signed a statement expressing solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives following the cancellation of Broadway Supports Black Lives Matter, a benefit that was to be hosted at Feinstein’s/54 Below, a popular cabaret club. In a note to participants, 54 Below stated they had “become aware of a recent addition to the B.L.M. platform that accuses Israel of genocide and endorses a range of boycott and sanction actions,” and that, as a result, they were cancelling the Sept. 11 benefit.

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100,300 Deaths from Indonesia’s Fires During 2015, New Study Estimates

Mon, 09/19/2016 - 09:01

The peer-reviewed study published today used air pollution readings and satellite data to calculate forest fire smoke exposure, estimating that 2,200 premature deaths occurred in Singapore, 6,500 in Malaysia and 91,600 in Indonesia. [1] The estimate is vastly greater than the Indonesian government’s official statement last year that just 19 people died from the haze. [2]

Greenpeace Indonesia forest campaigner Yuyun Indradi said:

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Women of Color and Women’s Rights Activists Gather to Advance New Economic Agenda for Women

Mon, 09/19/2016 - 06:56
We Won’t Wait

Beginning today, more than 1,000 women will gather for a groundbreaking summit to call for a comprehensive economic agenda for women of color and low-income women. The summit will be hosted by We Won’t Wait, a national, nonpartisan, multiracial campaign to ensure that issues affecting women of color and low-income women are fully represented in 2016.

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MONDAY: Billboard Circles NBC News, CPD HQ in DC Urging 2016 Presidential Debate Moderators to Ask About Women’s Issues

Mon, 09/19/2016 - 06:52

On Monday, September 19th, just one week before the first presidential debate between Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, a mobile billboard will circle NBC News’ DC office, as well as the Commission on Presidential Debate headquarters demanding that 2016 debate moderators ask questions on the major issues facing American women.

The mobile billboard, which was paid for by UltraViolet, a national women’s advocacy organization, and will read,“Tell the 2016 Debate Moderators: Cover Women’s Issues.

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Canada-EU Deal Likely to Result in ‘Deluge’ of Big Business Cases Brought Against European Governments

Mon, 09/19/2016 - 06:47
Global Justice Now

A new trade deal about to be signed between Canada and the EU will open the floodgates to Canadian and US corporations suing European governments. Those are the findings of a new report released today by European campaign groups including Global Justice Now and Corporate Europe Observatory.

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Hold the Champagne — The Job Market is Far from Recovered

Mon, 09/19/2016 - 06:45
Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)

Recent media reports have celebrated the strength of the economy based on the high rate of job growth and the low 4.9 percent unemployment rate. Despite this seemingly strong number, a new report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) shows that the labor market is only two-thirds recovered from the Great Recession. This provides little support for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates now, or in the near future, and instead supports the need for monetary and fiscal stimulus.

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Wells Fargo Is Too Big To Manage

Fri, 09/16/2016 - 12:15
Public Citizen

Public Citizen has filed a first-ever shareholder resolution (PDF) at Wells Fargo calling for a breakup study in the wake of the bank’s massive fraud. The resolution, submitted Thursday by Bartlett Naylor, financial policy advocate for Public Citizen’s Congress Watch division, asks the Wells Fargo board of directors to retain independent experts to explore whether the company would be worth more in parts, with the FDIC-insured bank separate from other divisions.

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World Trade Organization Draws The Shade On Local Solar Projects In India

Fri, 09/16/2016 - 12:02
Sierra Club

Today, the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled against India’s appeal to its February 2016 decision against buy-local policies in India’s ambitious solar energy initiative. The successful initiative, which at its base offers solar power companies government subsidies and long-term contracts, has already fostered the development of more than 8,000 megawatts of solar power in India. The initial complaint to the WTO was filed by the United States in 2014.

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Global Movement Envisions a Future Free From Plastic Pollution: Major U.S. Companies Must Rise to the Challenge

Fri, 09/16/2016 - 11:48

Today, a new global vision for a future free from plastic pollution has been released by a network of 90 NGOs. The vision lays out 10 principles with the ultimate goal being "a future free from plastic pollution." It represents the first step in a global movement to change society's perception and use of plastics.

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In Advance of Senate Banking Committee's Hearing on Wells Fargo, Former Bank Workers Join Teleconference to Talk About Predatory Practices at Big Banks

Fri, 09/16/2016 - 11:44
Committee for Better Banks

WHO: Former bank workers from Wells Fargo and TD Bank, CWA Legislative Director Shane Larson.

WHAT: On a conference call for press, former bank workers from the nation’s biggest banks will speak about their personal experiences with the aggressive and unreasonable sales goals that are forcing bank workers to push unnecessary products on their customers. Tomorrow, a U.S. Senate Banking Committee hearing will be held on Wells Fargo, which was recently fined $185 million for setting up millions of fake accounts for their customers.

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Community and Conservation Groups Condemn FERC’s Review of Proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline

Fri, 09/16/2016 - 11:38
Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Federal regulators today released a draft environmental review for the proposed fracked-gas Mountain Valley Pipeline that public interest advocates say fails to adequately assess the public need for the project and the widespread threats to private property, public lands, local communities, water quality and the climate.

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Another Farm Aid Misstep: Partering with Corporate Agribusiness While Purporting to Support Family Farmers

Fri, 09/16/2016 - 11:32
Cornucopia Institute

On the eve of the annual Farm Aid concert, Saturday in Bristow, Virginia, The Cornucopia Institute, an organic industry watchdog, has filed a formal legal complaint against Farm Aid’s marquee sponsor, Bonterra Organic Vineyards, alleging it misrepresents its products as “organic.” 

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Drone Killing: Cash Is No Substitute for Genuine Transparency

Fri, 09/16/2016 - 10:36

In response to reports that the Obama Administration has agreed to pay €1m to the family of an Italian aid worker who was killed in a US drone strike in 2015, Jennifer Gibson, Reprieve staff attorney, said:

“The Lo Porto family’s terrible ordeal shows that the secret drone program is nothing like as accurate as the US Government claims.  Yet there are many more civilian victims who have yet to receive a public apology – notably Faisal bin ali Jaber, who lost two innocent relatives to a drone strike in Yemen.

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Trump’s Energy Plan is a Dumpster Fire

Thu, 09/15/2016 - 13:34
Sierra Club

Today, Donald Trump detailed economic and energy plans today which double down on his total denial of the scientific consensus on climate change and the global movement toward clean, renewable energy. Trump said he would end the life-saving Clean Power Plan, open up our coasts to drilling, promote the dirtiest fuels, and gut safeguards and protections for clean air and clean water.    

In Response, Sierra Club Political Director Khalid Pitts Released the Following Statement:    

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More Than 40 Frontline, Indigenous and Climate Leaders Occupy the Department of the Interior Headquarters to Demand President Obama End Fossil Fuel Lease Sales

Thu, 09/15/2016 - 12:44
Center for Biological Diversity

Several protesters were arrested this afternoon after more than 40 frontline, indigenous and climate leaders occupied the headquarters of the Department of the Interior to demand that President Obama end fossil fuel lease sales. The group just entered the lobby chanting “Keep it in the Ground.”

The action highlights President Obama’s authority to stop leases sales of public lands and waters and to lock in half of the potential climate pollution from all remaining fossil fuels in the United States.

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Civil and Human Rights Coalition Urges Self-Proclaimed VRA Restoration Supporter Speaker Ryan to Bring Bill up for Vote

Thu, 09/15/2016 - 12:01
The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights coalition of more than 200 national civil rights groups is urging Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, a self-proclaimed supporter of restoring the Voting Rights Act, to bring a VRA restoration up for a vote on the House Floor.

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